Describe the 3DS in 1 word

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(message deleted)

User Info: MaximusPadicus

6 years ago#72
"In the land of the one-eyed, the TWO eyed man is king."
Maximus Padicus

User Info: JP_Sartre

6 years ago#73
"I also care about the people that don't care about not caring. If we get on these boards, we all kinda care."

User Info: dark trunks

dark trunks
6 years ago#74
"If you've got yourself a dream, work hard, believe in yourself because I know dreams can come true."- Dennis DeYoung 1997

User Info: HotTreeGecko

6 years ago#75
[=[3DS]=] Geckos <3
[+ [ /\/\ ] ::] GT: HotTreeGecko

User Info: supdawg222

6 years ago#76

User Info: EternalNether

6 years ago#77
Intel i5 2500 I Sabertooth P67 I 4gb G.Skill Ripjaw X Series RAM I Nvidia GTX 460 Hawk I Seasonic X 650w I Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB I CM Storm Scout
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