samurai warriors chronicles still good since launch

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User Info: lipnox88

6 years ago#21
Overall I find aside from fighting games Samurai warriors, RE mercs, and OOT to be the only true games worth buying.
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User Info: Korlithiel

6 years ago#22
NinjaGamer_23, I need to start in on Shadow Wars sometime soon. But after finishing a run through Ocarina of Time I'm back to Mercenaries until I finish re-reading the Harry Potter series.

mcsmellington, the appeal in Monster Hunter (and through it's series) is to continually improve upon your equipment. I suppose I didn't see it as grinding as I rarely found myself replaying missions unless I really wanted to finish off a set, and usually then just played through the other versions of the mission so I could maximize what I was earning. Unlike nonexistinghero I greatly enjoyed the Monster Hunter Freedom series on PSP, and less so enjoyed Samurai Warriors: Chronicles due to it's notably simplistic equipment set-up in comparison.
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