So, the camera shortcut on the Home Screen

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User Info: raymanfan1

6 years ago#1
Totally unneccisary, but not entirley useless.

Your thoughts?
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User Info: niels200683

6 years ago#2
You mean the L/R button shortcuts?

I sometimes push it on accident when opening the 3DS, which is a minor annoyance:
However, it has helped to make some nice pics while I was on holiday. (going through the menu would have lost me the pic opportunity) - the people I was on holiday with already had 14 MP cameras, so I just made 3D pics of Albufeira (Portugal) and Berlin (Germany). Turned out pretty nice when shown on the 3DS screen (on a big screen TV... not so much).
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User Info: Robot_Satan

6 years ago#3
The L/R button shortcuts let you use the camera while multitasking, so I wouldn't say they're unnecessary at all.
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