3DS doesn't wake from sleep?

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User Info: iphys

6 years ago#1
Anyone else have this problem occasionally? It's happened probably 5 times where I put it to sleep, but then when I open the system it won't wake up. The blue light keeps pulsing like it's sleeping, but I notice the wifi light is lit constant yellow rather than flickering every few seconds like normal. I don't know what to do in these instances, so I just hold down the power button for a while to turn it off. It doesn't seem to happen on any particular game, and I think it's even happened when I've been on the home menu. Just wondering if this is common, or if there's a problem with my system.

User Info: scrahfy

6 years ago#2

User Info: hardee89

6 years ago#3
It sounds like an issue with your system. I would contact Nintendo's customer support.
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