Is this a good deal?

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User Info: Lord_KronosIII

6 years ago#1
Have someone offering a used Cosmo 3ds, perfect condition with charger, stylus, case for $180.00.

Should I? Been wanting to play OoT3d. I have played and beaten OoT several times over the years and just got done with a playthrough of Twilight Princess. Should point out that at this time, I'm not thrilled about any upcoming 3ds releases and I hate small screens.
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User Info: Kitt Thrust

Kitt Thrust
6 years ago#2
it's a great deal. go for it.
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User Info: Mario788

6 years ago#3
In the long run, DO IT NOW! There are some great games now, and even more by the end of the year (Super Mario, Star Fox, Mario Kart), and even MORE next year (Luigi's Mansion 2, Paper Mario, and Sonic Generations comes out in 2012 I think as well).

User Info: Mickleohb

6 years ago#4
If OoT is the only game you want to play I'd say pass. I really think that the price is going to drop to $200 when the Vita comes out so you'd be able to get a used 3DS for even cheaper then. Besides, you must own OoT if you have beaten it several times, just play through it again if you want to play it. You won't even need to use a small screen.
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