Nintendo could afford to drop the price a bit.

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User Info: Kitt Thrust

Kitt Thrust
6 years ago#21
There's no denying price is an issue,

I believe Nintendo will do an unofficial ' relaunch ' of the system this holiday season possibly with a slight price drop from $249.99 to $229.99. Sure $20 doesn't seem like much of a price cut, but Moms and Dads will surely take notice when in this economy even a $5 difference means something.. it will also help it against the Vita. Also expect great bundles and possibly another color choice or limited edition model.

Nintendo also really need to find a way other than the " Wow !! 3D with no glasses " angle they've been using to sell the system. Games are going to be key to it's success followed by showing the leap it's made compared to the DS. Many people still don't realize it's a next gen handheld.

They should do an all out marketing blitz for their big games this holiday season and really focus on showing actual gameplay rather than someone sitting around holding a 3DS while characters pop out of the screen in their TV commercials. I've convinced a few people to get a 3DS just by showing them the 3D videos from E3. People saw the Mario, Luigi's Mansion and Resident Evil videos and were really impressed.

The 3DS is a great system. I love it.. it's probably my favorite system since the PS2. It's got great potential but certainly needs a push.

hell yeah..
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User Info: Slaysme

6 years ago#22
This is not the wii or the DS we are speaking of. That was 5 years ago, acient history. There are legitimate issues with the business of the console. I spoke not of graphics, tech yes. In the ways it DOES factor into gameplay. Emulation options (i dont care the reasons why not, allow shared accounts , allow wii VC(they can even exclude n64), super game boy support, )Online services, content, I'm not a fan;but achievements,etc, better touch screens, the reliance of the DS really held them back. pricing is way outdated,
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User Info: hatemakingnames

6 years ago#23
They've pretty much already said that they won't drop the price, because doing so would be like admitting it's a failure. They're not going to do that unless vita surpasses its sales by a large amount.

User Info: SoaringDive

6 years ago#24
Bundle in OoT3D with every 3DS during the holidays, for $250 (since it would be a slightly old title that they've made their profit on, versus a new title).
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User Info: Slaysme

6 years ago#25
Admission makes for a better future than denial of the truth.
3ds boards. Home of the Super Nintendo Defender Squad! We are here to stand behind terrible ideology and archaic business practice.

User Info: Baha05

6 years ago#26
slaysme420 posted...
Admission makes for a better future than denial of the truth.

What truth? The truth of how you sell for a profit? I mean come on people, Nintendo only sells one type of product, ONE TYPE OF PRODUCT.

No matter how high the price you may think is there are simple steps and understanding of it.

1. They aren't Sony or Microsoft. Sony tends to sell at a loss, but again they can take that sort of hit because you know what they make? TVs? Computers? Stereos? CD Players? I mean hell the day you can really complain is when the Nintendo TV comes to market. The same applies for Microsoft, if possible they could buy out Nintendo they are raking in that much money because the 360 is not the only think they make.

2. There is no gun to your head. If 250 is out of your price range then wait a bit, it's not like you can't wait for better games to come out. Because remember while tech is a big part of it, tech doesn't help when you have NO GAMES. It's going to be the same thing for Vita, same thing for all future consoles.

User Info: LHS_2012

6 years ago#27
If Nintendo does a price cut, which I doubt, it would be no more than $20. $50 is crazy and $70 just won't happen until well after a revision. Hell it probably wouldn't go that low until the 3DS 2 is announced.
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User Info: EvRy1nVzZ

6 years ago#28
I had a 3DS twice (each time I sold it because I really needed money). I like the system, not love it. To be honest prior to getting the 3DS I had upgraded from a beat-up DS Lite to a DSi, and to be honest I felt more "wow" when I purchased the DSi than I did with the 3DS.

No,it wasn't because of the lack of 3DS games, it was because it didn't feel "new" IMO. I feel like the 3DS could have been better in this day and age when it comes to its hardware. I understand that power isnt the winner (hence the DS and PSP) but for $250 it should.

Everyone is correct when they say Nintendo only makes video games but the things we were offered so far is horrible. The vita (supposedly) will release with many "PSN" games compatible with it. How come we couldn't get games from the Wii VC?

I feel like even though Nintendo is selling at such a high price, they are also purposely holding back the things that will really draw in the crowd once the Vita launches IMO. For instance we got the E-Shop the night before E3, I don't think that was a coincidence. Its all cool but I bought it because I had faith in Nintendo and though they may need money they already priced the system high so at least make me feel like I want to keep the system.(All of this is of course subjective).

User Info: SaraAB87

6 years ago#29
They said they won't drop the price because that will devalue the hardware. Right now the 3DS is the premium system and the DS Lite and DSi are budget systems.

I think before they drop the price they will have to completely kill the DSi and the DS because if they dropped the price then it would come too close to the $150 DSi price.

Personally I don't think the 3DS does enough to justify its price, it is a truly underpowered system when you compare things like the iPod touch which has a web browser that works perfectly and the best music management system you can get. I mean it doesn't even have youtube. If they made it at least equivalent to the iPod touch in terms of web browsing and wifi use I would have a lot more respect for the system. They would also have to make it capable of viewing online videos. (I don't think 3DS can connect to hotspots that require a login, which is all of them here, and the iPod touch handles that perfectly).

I am guessing that is because of the low ram on the 3DS, I am really not sure why companies cheap out on ram, ram is so cheap these days why make your systems underpowered when they could be doing so much more. Would I pay $260 instead of $250 for a system with more ram and a full fledged browser experience.. you bet!

Honestly its either I pay whatever to get a system that is capable of doing everything and doing everything well, or I pay the budget price and get a system that just plays games. The 3DS right now does everything the iPod touch can, but it does it very badly and is sometimes truly not usable. In this case I would rather pay for the budget system because the premium one is clearly not worth the money if it can't do what it is trying to do well.
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User Info: leak_man

6 years ago#30
strongo9 posted...
Ignorance at its finest.

Ooh look, some guy on the internet can't come up with an argument so they claim I'm ignorant.

Enlighten me as to why I am, good sir. Nintendo made a profit around $20 with the Wii. They're making $100 for 3DS. The hardware is overpriced.
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