I'm starting to really hate this board

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User Info: legendarylemur

6 years ago#1
*has fun on the 3DS, grinding my ass off to 100% that darn Samurai Warriors, finishing master quest with 3 hearts, playing DOA:D online, watching vids on netflix, getting new pokemon in the pokedex, walking around hoping to get streetpasses, sees board, sees complaints and doomsday posts, jaws open in confusion*

My freaking gawd people, did you guys forget how to play games over the last few years or do you guys have no lives and just play your games 24/7 until you beat it and get bored again. I mean, I've owned this thing for over 3 months now, and I'm still busy enough trying to 100% games.

I dunno what the hell is going on, but if you guys are not pleased with your game system right now, I think you should blame yourself rather than blaming this console. I remember in the early days of DS vs. PSP, people actually defended their consoles instead of treating every little signs as a goddamn doomsday scenario. Games get canceled, get over it. The industry nowadays is different. High cost game making is a very difficult thing to pull off, even for a large gaming industry. I mean, we lost Hudson recently. That's a pretty good sign that it's not nearly as easy to pump out games as it used to be.

Anyways, I really hope the 3DS succeed, or I know it will succeed once the holiday seasons are over and the dust has settled, and I hope the Vita succeeds, too, instead of getting pummeled like the PSP was. Now stop your idiot topics and enjoy your damn system.
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User Info: RetroReset

6 years ago#2
I approve this thread.
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User Info: __Gaminator__

6 years ago#3
RetroReset posted...
I approve this thread.
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User Info: paulink

6 years ago#4
I've learned to linger on this board less and less because of those said reasons. People feel the need to blow things out of proportion and argue over hypothetical situations or things they can't control.

I'll keep enjoying my 3ds, looking forward to Samurai Warrior chronicles when it comes in.
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User Info: ja_schaffer

6 years ago#5
Some people have standards of taste?

I wouldn't be caught dead playing Samurai Warriors.
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User Info: MyProject

6 years ago#6
It's really their loss for being born with such a crybaby brain.

User Info: OmegaZero633

6 years ago#7
People ARE defending it. :b
Most of the doomsday stuff you see are by people who probably don't even own a 3DS.

More people should read this, though. It's a topic that actually makes sense.
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User Info: r_m_8_8

6 years ago#8
I left GameFAQs around 2008 because the Wii boards were unbearably bad. I come back and guess what? There's the exact same people making the exact same troll threads in 2011. Basically, don't expect this to change soon, haters really enjoy doing their thing. And all consoles get them, the PS3 vs 360 stuff was downright cringe-worthy. And this is how it becomes evident that games are mostly for kids.
Play games, not systems. There are people who like games that you don't, grow up.

User Info: blazingsonic

6 years ago#9
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User Info: XMike17

6 years ago#10
wah people are complaining about my 3DS
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