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User Info: lil_mocchi

6 years ago#31
kukingina posted...
ive been surfing on pron sites (there is actually one made for the 3DS LOOOOL with 3D stuff and a forum) since the browser came out and I never got a virus

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User Info: kukingina

6 years ago#32
see all the modded messages on the past pages??? yea thats what happened... its easy to find it if you look for it anyways
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User Info: Thelastsheikah

6 years ago#33
Generally speaking viruses have to be specifically designed for the operating system, which is why Mac and Linux are generally more safe than Windows; to maximise their target, 90% of virus coders make it for Windows.
Now, since 3DS has such a tiny userbase, especially as far as web browsing is concerned, I doubt anybody would want to develop for it unless they had some vendetta against Nintendo (which, as we'll know from browsing forums, some people do)
But even then, the fact that the 3DS doesn't allow downloading of files (Apart from maybe some image files?) and is generally pretty restrictive in terms of interacting with other parts of the system software, the only way you could install a virus is by manipulating a bug, and, as far as I'm aware, there are no such bugs in the system software (if there was, we'd be getting a Twilight Hack-style homebrew scene going on here)

So I think you're pretty safe. Clear your history though.
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User Info: OmegaZero633

6 years ago#34
Vyers posted...
OmegaZero633 posted...
kukingina posted...
ive been surfing on pron sites (there is actually one made for the 3DS LOOOOL with 3D stuff and a forum) since the browser came out and I never got a virus

I'm not sure it's a good idea to be admitting that on the internet. o.o

Oh well, it's out, so it's out.

I think that there are a lot worse things to admit than "I do what any male age 12-60 does every day".

Eh, each to their own, I guess.
I'm probably in the minority here, though. o.o
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User Info: LordAndrew

6 years ago#35
Hacking hasn't gotten anywhere useful last I checked, and it looks unlikely that the Internet Browser could be used to make it possible.
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User Info: KefkaMayDie

6 years ago#36
Pretty susceptible, I've been getting schlong enlargement popups constantly now.
I do it for the One or more unread System Notifications

User Info: BingSanpao

6 years ago#37
For a virus to work it would have to be able to exploit and execute code on the 3DS. Nobody can do that so it is much safer surfing porn sites on it than with any PC web browser.

User Info: NoPointMade

6 years ago#38
To be able to create a virus, one has to

a) learn and understand the target's firmware
b) know what point of entry and what media a virus can infect with to repopulate
c) have lots of testing time and programming knowledge to make sure the developed virus will work and ensure its own survival.

Is it possible on 3DS? Of course.
Is it hard to accomplish? Hell yeah.
Is it worth it? Heck of a lot NO.

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