C/D: Capcom announces Battle Network Collection for 3DS

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User Info: Elwafir123

6 years ago#1

Can't pass it up since it's the anniversary

User Info: Onoinato

6 years ago#2
You must mean the cancellation of everything you ever wanted! I'm sure they'll make it only to cancel it ;D
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User Info: kukingina

6 years ago#3
meh..... now if they announce a new MMX Sequel
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User Info: nintendo3000

6 years ago#4

I really want a classic/X collection on the 3DS.
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User Info: BizzyCj

6 years ago#5
I would gladly shell out for a battle network collection, I don't know what it was about Star Force, but I actually wanted to give myself the noose when I played that.
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User Info: Vyers

6 years ago#6
Heh, I read it from right to left (as a result of a pre-sneeze). Good thing I wasn't looking forward to the idea.
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User Info: MicroOmegaMan

6 years ago#7
Needs to be a complete visual upgrade for me bite. I put my time into all six of those games, so I see no reason to rebuy if it's just a collection.
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User Info: AODSoulUnison

6 years ago#8
I would buy it. If only so that I could show Capcom that I don't want Megaman to get treated they way they're treating him.
That, and I want Battle Network to continue. It was a mistake to give it a definitive ending.
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User Info: AHRaven

6 years ago#9

then D as they cancel it half a year later.

User Info: MarcosAKAshorty

6 years ago#10
C I would love it, I never actually played any Megaman game besides the Battle Network series and I fell in love it.
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