Do you spend a great deal of time playing games online?

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User Info: darkqueenhelba

6 years ago#1
Do you play games more offline or online? Do the games you play even have an online feature? Are you even interested in playing online?

I do play games online, but the games I play are MMORPGs. I'll go through a phase for awhile where I'll play one and kind of ignore other games for awhile as I play. Then, I'll get worn out of the game and go back to playing games I might of missed out on. Two biggest culprits were PSO (not really a MMO) and FFXI.
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User Info: strongo9

6 years ago#2
I don't play of my console or handheld games online. I do play a few MMOs on my PC though.
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User Info: lambchips

6 years ago#3
mmorpgs are the only games i get serious over (for online play)

if a game offers couch multiplayer+online, i spend more time on couch than online
i usually invite friends over every weekend to play games, i try to avoid online play as much as possible..(unless its monster hunter or a grind heavy game, since they dont play those games)

i dont really like online only games (if splitscreen is possible)

edit- they really need to reintroduce LAN play =/
alot of my friends have 11 inche monitors, it would be great to be able to stream a game from 1 console to all 8 of the monitors.
LAN play is probably one of the main reasons they take their laptops over to play counter strike usually
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User Info: Vdashone

6 years ago#4
I've been heavily invested in MMOs since like '98.

User Info: DeathSoul2000

6 years ago#5
before my 360 RROD'd i'd spend probably a decent amount of time doing something in single player, than after half an hour switch to online multi for some mindless fun just to wind down
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User Info: panama_chief

6 years ago#6
I do. Not just shooters or MMOs. I've been playing a ton of ms Splosion man, mvc3, monster hunter 3rd, and even N+. Thank god some developers include online....
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User Info: PChaosWM

6 years ago#7
These days I spend most of my gaming time playing online games like WoW and Starcraft; however, I always make time for single player stuff at least a few times a week.
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User Info: d0wner

6 years ago#8
I mostly just dabble in online modes now.

Played the living hell out of PSO GCN.
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User Info: BraveAdol

6 years ago#9
Not particularly, to be honest. Unless I'm playing with my roommates I generally prefer single player, but it's always nice when the option is there.
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User Info: Kitt Thrust

Kitt Thrust
6 years ago#10
Online isn't as important to me as a lengthy, quality, single player experience. If a game has an online mode I mess around with it a bit but spend most of my time offline.
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