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User Info: strongo9

6 years ago#51
Vau1t posted...
MicroOmegaMan posted...
*doesn't sign*

Looking forward to experiencing a new game.

You've never played Star Fox 64 before?

Not sure if serious...
I can't wait for Super Mario 3D, Mario Kart 3D, Paper Mario 3D, Luigi's Mansion 2,
Kid Icarus: Uprising, Kirby Mass Attack, Kirby Wii, and Skyward Sword!

User Info: Halo3GAMEFREAK

6 years ago#52
Apeman1813 posted...
Halo3GAMEFREAK posted...
You may not care about online, but that doesn't mean the rest of us should have to suffer. Every game SHOULD have online multiplayer, at least the feature is there for the fans who do want it.

Suffer? Dramatic much? Nobody is forcing you to buy or even play the game.

That's besides the point. Nintendo should've stepped up their online multiplayer, back in 2007. Sure, the company sold a **** ton of Wii's, but that doesn't mean anything when most of us stopped playing it after only a year. There's no reason to have a lack of online support when a these consoles are perfectly capable of having it.

I should rephrase what I said before: Most games should have online multiplayer, but not all. Games like Mario, Zelda, Luigi is fine without having online. But games like Starfox 64, Madden, Soccer, etc SHOULD have online. There's not much material in the game itself, so that SCREAMS for online play.

If the 3DS is meant for young adults, then they need to meet our expectations. The lack of online support, in this generation, is unacceptable; whether you would use the feature or not.
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