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User Info: plasmatic5

6 years ago#11
*signs* The first one was really good and I want Retro making 3D Metroid games again.
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User Info: strongo9

6 years ago#12
Vyers posted...

Give me a true Metroid Prime game.

MPH had a bad single player and bad multiplayer. I'd rather have a true MP game on the Wii U,without any of tacked on multiplayer at all. Metroid is a FPA, it isn't fitting for FPS multiplayer.
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User Info: Jackalfox

6 years ago#13
*Signs, then erases his name after remembering how bad the original Hunters was*
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User Info: ToastIsWoosh

6 years ago#14

From: Gash424 | #004
*does not sign*

It was ok. I'd much rather the resources be put to a real 2d Metroid in the style of ZM or SM.

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User Info: PhantomSword

6 years ago#15
F*** that noise. I'm sick of first-person.

Either way, a real Prime is better. Or a 3D game in third-person, ala Other M where they translate all of the good elements from both Prime and the numbered Metroid games. Or, of course, a side-scroller.

But not Hunters 2.
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User Info: CaptainRandom1

6 years ago#16
*Signs 20 times in different names*

Hunters was and still is the best DS game to date.
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User Info: Iced_Shadows

6 years ago#17
Shadow Temple...
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User Info: Pit107

6 years ago#18
No thanks. Even if Retro makes it, I'd rather them be making a new Metroid game not in the Prime series, DKCR2, or an original game.
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User Info: link_15

6 years ago#19
The first hunters was a great game for the DS. I enjoyed it a lot. But truth be told that it doesn't compare well against it predecessors due to hardware limitations at that time. This problem however is solved with the 3DS. I am all for a new portable prime game, specially if it was done by Retro, but I have to say that I miss 2D Metroid gameplay and want it more than a prime game. I'll be satisfied either way though.

User Info: pigzigaccount_3

6 years ago#20
how about a good online fps instead and a single player metroid?
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