Nintendo has had a close handheld race before and won

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User Info: MegaWinFTW

6 years ago#41
In the early years of every console generation, price is by far the biggest factor. The game libraries that take years to mature are greatly affected by the early rates of adoption that are primarily governed by the affordability of each system with regards to its perceived value.

To argue that price isn't at the very least an extremely large factor in the success of a system makes no sense. Then again I have a sneaking suspicion that if the 3DS had been released more cheaply, price would suddenly be a much bigger deal in your eyes.

User Info: parKb5

6 years ago#42
AP3Brain posted...
Lynx didn't have games and Vita will. Especially since it supposedly is suppose to be a handheld designed with developers in mind. Lynx was made by a way less popular company as well.

I just don't think it is very comparable but I don't think the 3DS is going to do bad or anything. I hope there is some good competition though as that would be good for the consumers. I have a feeling there will be this time around.

I don't think that Atari was less popular than Nintendo at the time. Nintendo was only in the video game business 4 years and Atari had over a decade of experience at that point. The Atari name was more recognizable at that time than Nintendo.

I can sum up how the GameBoy beat the Lynx in one word: Tetris.
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User Info: xIkennethIx

6 years ago#43
ixoria posted...
Nintendo will fail this time because iphone entered the cheap gaming market, all that is left for grabs is hardcore gamers which belong to ps vita.

however the big difference maker is the $250 price tag on 3ds. if it's $150 it would be a close battle with ps vita.

it will only be a couple years until appstore ends up like the entire music industry.
Sony should make a Blu-Ray less PS3. (4 min later) PS3 games are on Blu Ray disks? Wow, this explains everything. - videogamer1030

User Info: VampiricDragon_

6 years ago#44
I was wrong in saying wasnt a factor at all. It is, but the biggest mover in hardware is games regardless of the time the systems been out.
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User Info: Dreadhead542

6 years ago#45
i would say sony can count only psp fans to come on board with vita alot of my friends are angry they dropped umd support which lke me they wouldnt mind if the psn support of psp games wasn't utter s*** there may attract some ppl who had the psp over but i guarentee 99% of them had a go not only this but ps vita doesnt use the same memory cards which means my save data on my psp is useless (as is anyones who didnt own go) i dont mind redownloading games if its free to dl games i bought on psn but having to lose my save data is a big deal(keep in mind im angry 3ds wouldnt let me keep my saves it actually worse as at least vita has a reason to do so in new memory cards but 3ds uses the same memory card dsi did there's no excuse for this)

you don't have to lose your game saves. Even though Vita isn't going to be using the same memory cards, you can easily copy your saves from your psp to a computer, and I don't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to transfer them from your computer to your Vita after that.
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