Post here if you want a Youtube app.

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User Info: gsdarkdawn

6 years ago#41
Vyers posted...
tfalco posted...
Why would Nintendo want to add a youtube app, wouldn't it be a conflict of interest..... because of netflix? That may not make sense..... but to the greedy souls out there, I doubt that they want to lose out on monthly subscriptions due to other entertainment options, no?

Uh...? We have numerous products that have YouTube and Netflix available.

One product is Wii.
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User Info: Simon_Isturiz

6 years ago#42
The 3DS really needs a 3D YouTube app.

User Info: gsninja

6 years ago#43
As well as a Google+ app too. +1!

That would be wicked.
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User Info: tfalco

6 years ago#44
gsdarkdawn posted...
Vyers posted...
tfalco posted...

One product is Wii.

Hmmmm true.... but then, why, like sony, do they NOT add the app? Sony has had years to add it to the psp? It has to be a conflict of interest then?
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User Info: Wallydraigle

6 years ago#45
Nin3DSFan posted...
I don't care... why? Guess what guys, YouTube's just recently added support for desktop computers OMG!
In otherwords, we have YouTube already.... I say this a lot but... really, why would it be SO necessary to have Youtube on our 3DS? I mean sure, it's on a small screen (OMG!), and in 3D (Ooooh!), but in the end, it's just the same, right? Again, with flash, why SHOULD the 3DS have flash? The "this has it why doesn't that" argument is invalid, in this. You have flash on your PC, right? What's wrong with that? The Browser doesn't have to be awesome -- and it was designed with "checking GameFAQs and other sites for help or generally browsing in the form of text and a few pictures" in mind, I believe.

I don't have a computer.
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User Info: Zeluxebass

6 years ago#46
There's no COI, there was a deal that forced the 360 and Wii to use discs to get to netflix for a whileuntil the deal expired.
Here's why Youtube on 3DS is worth it:

The 3DS would be the best way to watch such videos.

YOUTUBE DOES N O T NEED FLASH. Youtube videos can be watched on an iPhone. iPhones don't have flash. Therefore, Quicktime, HTML5, and other video formats can be used instead, which are much easier to build apps around anyway.

You think reading walkthroughs is useful for the browser? imagine watching Let's Plays on Youtube when you get stuck without having to change devices.

I think it will happen.

User Info: RPGMaster95

6 years ago#47
bump. theres no reason this topic shouldnt get to 500. surely we have 500 reasonable 3ds owners out there.
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