What do you guys think?

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User Info: FreakBoy12

6 years ago#1
For all you 3DS owners out there, what do you think of your 3DS. I have my fingers crossed I get one for my birthday, and I just want to hear what you guys think of it. Also, what is your favorite 3DS tile that is currently out on store shelves?
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User Info: Queen_Rathian

6 years ago#2
It's underwhelming. Also, I couldn't find any 3DS tiles, haven't been to Lowe's yet.
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User Info: monskey

6 years ago#3
I am loving it ATM, my favourite game was Mercineries 3D but I am taking a break with Samaurai Warriors and it is quickly taking the number 1 spot!

I have not even tried netflix yet...
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User Info: andodel

6 years ago#4
Good system, Zelda is great.
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User Info: scrahfy

6 years ago#5
had it since launch and i love mine =) neat little system. at launch i played ridge racer tons and loved that one. right now im digging zelda and resident evil. you know zelda is gonna be great, get that one. resident evil mercs is my overall favorite though. some reviews are kinda bad but NO WAY this game is soooooooooooo addicting for me. try it too if ya can. zelda and res evil mercs..get both first. if u can only get one, flip a coin. =D

User Info: Ilazul

6 years ago#6
It's an interesting system for sure, but as of right now it's extremely lacking. Outside of Zelda, there's really nothing that great. Over time I'm sure there will be more than enough to justify the purchase, but as of now it's a complete letdown.

User Info: Blood_Nights

6 years ago#7
I've played more DS games than 3DS games on it but I'll say it was an upgrade worth doing.
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User Info: pnutut

6 years ago#8
I haven't regretted my purchase at all. My 3DS gets use everyday, whether it be playing games, or watching movies and shows on Netflix. Is it perfect? No, but nothing really is. I'm really enjoying it though, and I like it much better than my DSi.

My favorite game out right now is RE: Mercs.
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User Info: AdmiralLoknar

6 years ago#9
So far, I've mainly used it for DoA and for a couple eshop games (Shantae!!!). I was still running an old DS Lite, so it was a nice upgrade for me. I've had enough DS games to go back and finish that it's kept me busy. I would definitely like to see some more variety in the upcoming titles since Mario's not really my thing...but I think we can have confidence that the 3DS has nowhere to go but up.

User Info: Mr_Fjord

6 years ago#10
Wait a while before getting it. Not really worth it as of now.
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