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User Info: Tony76339

6 years ago#1
I just got the game today, and all I want to know is how do you do that Campaign Mode thing? You know, the one where Jill wakes up on a bed in this mansion-like house. Anyone know how to get there? It's also the one in the trailer. Do I have to beat all the Missions?
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User Info: LucarioLatiosDS

6 years ago#2
that's in revelations, in this one u kill as many zombies as u can within a time limit to unlock stuff.
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User Info: Halo3GAMEFREAK

6 years ago#3
Revelations is an entirely different 3DS game.
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User Info: Kitt Thrust

Kitt Thrust
6 years ago#4
you'll have to wait until 2012 to play that. in the meantime enjoy Mercs, it's a great game.
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User Info: elheber

6 years ago#5
You have a demo of RE:Revelations in your Mercenaries game which is exactly as you described. The demo is in the main menu. It's short but very creepy/scary. I can't wait.
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User Info: Tony76339

6 years ago#6
Oh. Ok Thanks Guys
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