Max # of footsteps?

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User Info: N64Mario

6 years ago#1
Has anyone tried shaking their 3DS long enough just to find out, or see if there is a max # of foot steps you can have for the day? I'm curious if it ends in something like 999999 or if it actually never ends or something.

User Info: rapsbry

6 years ago#2
Oh, jeeze, seeing as how I have no good games for it and nothing much else for it's use, I may just have to try that. xD
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User Info: RemixDeluxe

6 years ago#3
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User Info: dunkis

6 years ago#4
Put it on a reciprocating device of some sort and just let it go all day. It HAS to end somewhere, though, because any electronic device can only store so much data as well as display so many digits.
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User Info: fireball43

6 years ago#5
I would assume something like 2.14billion.
Or at least something so high that nobody could feasibly reach that number of steps in a day.
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User Info: silver knux

silver knux
6 years ago#6
Over 9000?
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