Is there anything on Club Nintendo worth getting?

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User Info: ElevenOhNoes

6 years ago#11
You guys are lucky. The Australian Club Nintendo is so lame. Best thing on there IMO is a larger AR card for a "lifesize Mii" with Mario on the other side. It was either that or Mario facetowels with how many points I had. -.-
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User Info: chaomaster4000

6 years ago#12
We Europeans still haven't got the G&W Ball game, despite it being advertised on our Club Nintendo leaflets :(

Doesn't really matter to me though, I'm still saving for the SNES Classic Controller. Just under 2000 stars left to go...
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User Info: Cave_Lion

6 years ago#13
i have over 9000 stars nwo and still nothing worth it. Still waiting for E-shop points.

User Info: mralspsp

6 years ago#14
strongo9 posted...
I own the Super Mario Bros. DS game and stylus case. It has slots for nine games and it comes with seven styli, one for each color of the rainbow.

I got that as well. They have related cases like that in the store for $10.
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User Info: mfspectre_basic

6 years ago#15
I have received almost everything on there, and most of it is only worth it if you're a diehard Nintendo fanboy. The cards are nice, and I have both G&W Collections (which honestly are pretty fun).

Obviously you should probably avoid the folders/stationary crap....
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  3. Is there anything on Club Nintendo worth getting?

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