Anybody else having some troubles with Netflix?

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User Info: Willy_Ham

6 years ago#1
I can't always watch TV episodes all the way through; They just stop mid-show and won't load any farther past where it stops. It's just a handful, but it's still annoying. I'm going to look through the Netflix website for some trouble shooting, just wanted to know if I was the only one, though I doubt it, with troubles.
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User Info: Shadowglaze

6 years ago#2
Hello, and thank you for asking your question on GameFAQs! My netflix works fine.

User Info: MicroOmegaMan

6 years ago#3
A few troubles, yes, but not this problem.
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User Info: lilpuddy31

6 years ago#4
TC, you're not the only person because I am having the issue. I am able to watch episodes of Star Trek: TNG just fine, but an episode of Voltron: Volume 1 stops halfway through an episode each time...

User Info: all_that_juice

6 years ago#5
Yes I have troubles with a 60% price hike.
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  3. Anybody else having some troubles with Netflix?

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