Possible Majora's Mask Remake for 3DS!!!!!!!!!!!

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User Info: Red_Devil82

5 years ago#91
Ocarina of Time 3DS is fantastic and Majora's Mask deserves the remake even more than OoT. Not because OoT isn't great (it is) but because far fewer people actually played Majora's Mask when it came out on the N64. I love MM and the remake would open the door for many people.

Couple that with the fact that the game would look amazing if they took the same development concept they took with OoT with MM and tried to match the game's visual closer to the concept art. The concept art of MM is really twisted, freaky and gorgeous and the remake would look amazing if they brought it closer in visuals.

User Info: BraveAdol

5 years ago#92
Granted, I'm not the world's biggest MM fan, in fact, I really didn't like it too much at all, but I would definitely give it another shot on a handheld. The quest structure seems like it would lend itself well to bite size gaming, especially if you could keep the Bomber's Notebook on the bottom screen at all times
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User Info: BTHR_Zero_X

5 years ago#93
Support it


User Info: raymanfan1

5 years ago#94
obishawn posted...
Un_Flugel posted...

I was half expecting to see an erection, which was my response to the info.

LOL'd at both.
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User Info: obishawn

5 years ago#95
BTHR_Zero_X posted...
Support it


Thanks for the link. The number of likes is rising pretty fast, considering.
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User Info: BizzyBum

5 years ago#96
I never played much of MM, so I'd actually be more excited for a 3DS MM then OoT.
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