Facebook campaign to save megaman legends

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User Info: SHpandaman

6 years ago#1
Hello Everyone
Being this is a place to discuss our love of games, especially retro games, I though I would Bring this topic here. I am a person who is going to collage for a degree in game programing. One of the games that inspired me to go in this field are the megaman games, especially the legends series. Last year capcom announced a program to listen to the community and let them have insight into the creation on the new MML3 game, a game many of us have been waiting for over 10years to play. This past monday capcom announced its cancellation of the game. While games get canceled the biggest blow was that a rep in europe calmed the reason capcom did this was due to a lack of fan support. Many of us who were apart of this community feel betrayed by Capcom for how they have treated this.
There is a facebook campaign ( http://www.facebook.com/GetMeOffTheMoon )to convince capcom to continue this wonderful project. Though there have been many megaman games none of them can compare to legends (The only exceptions to that are MM2 and MMX1). Even the creator of the Megaman series has stated the the Legends series was his favorite.

If I had to make a comparison Megaman Legends is capcom’s equilvent to earthbound (a game I also extremely love as well). They both had two games (legends had both released in US though), had a 3 game in development and got canceled, they even had rereleases on a Japanese handheld that were not brought over to the US. I do believe the earthbound fans have a stronger fan base though (most likely due to nintendo’s attitude towards it).

The facebook campaign is trying to get 100,000 likes to show capcom that people do care about the megaman series (this is the third megaman game they canceled that fans have been waiting for). within the short time up they have gotten over 20,ooo likes. If there are any of you that were megaman fans, past or present, i would like to ask you to help us reach this goal and many post your experiences and share your thought as well.

Thank you for your time.

User Info: gsdarkdawn

6 years ago#2
SHpandaman posted...

I "liked" it.
I also signed the petition(look in my sig).

If you don't have a facebook account, create one; it will take less than 2 minutes(that's how long it took me).

Click the "Like" button and you will be given the option to sign up. After you register, you will automatically "like" it.
Bring back Megaman Legends 3 Petition(2778 signatures)
http://petitiononline.com/mml3bck/petition.html (look in my quote for more petitions)

User Info: CorruptedRPG

6 years ago#3
1. Give up


2. Support the CEO of CyberConnect2
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User Info: Mariofan15

6 years ago#4
A campaign? Really? Just like online Petitions,this wont work. Doesnt matter if you get 1 million likes. These never work. Just deal with the fact it isnt coming out and get over it.
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User Info: Zacks_Fair

6 years ago#5
CorruptedRPG posted...
1. Give up


2. Support the CEO of CyberConnect2

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User Info: SegaAhearn

6 years ago#6
Zacks_Fair posted...
CorruptedRPG posted...
1. Give up


2. Support the CEO of CyberConnect2


not this
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User Info: darkqueenhelba

6 years ago#7
Regardless if it's released or not or even has potential to enter development again, feedback IS taken into consideration in some form or another. It could be the implementation of a single idea, a character, a weapon, a respective genre for the franchise, etc. It's not completely without merit. It might not always achieve the desired results you had wished for, but it's not in vain.
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