Battlefield is better than MML...

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User Info: StrikeNinja24

6 years ago#21
all_that_juice posted...
Not on 3DS it isn't.

This. Will be playing it on a 37' hdmi hookup instead.
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User Info: SegaAhearn

6 years ago#22
MML by far
it has an amazing story and it has a lot of heart
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User Info: J_Can_Man

6 years ago#23
Battlefield is pretty cool, but nowhere near the greatness of MML.
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User Info: Magza

6 years ago#24
I enjoy the occasional Halo Team Slayer, and i have played and owned every Halo released. That being said, the actual Battlefield games(BF2, BF3) are much better than Halo.

I'd say Halo:Reach and Bad Company 2 are about tied though.
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