One thing I really miss having had a PSP go...

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User Info: endoflevelboss

6 years ago#11
bronx718 posted...
endoflevelboss posted...
Yeah Sony's implementation of digital downloads was awful and it killed the device but I still think the principal is a good one. Especially for a portable.

The implementation isnt awful. What is was the implementation of digital downloads ONLY. Thats what messed up the system. And they should've done something for people with UMDs.

Then again there's so much more the 3DS can borrow from a psp it's kinda ridiculous.....

If the implementation of DD allowed competitive pricing (download vouchers for retailers) and all of the games in the PSP library were available (with a way to get digital copies of games you already own on UMD) then that would have been pretty satisfactory.

User Info: Extra

6 years ago#12
I bought a PSP go when it launched.

It is good for what it is. I would've never bought a regular PSP because it was too big. If I put a handheld in my pocket and it feels uncomfortable, then it doesn't appeal to me. The GO was very portable and convenient (I don't have to bring anything else with me), plus the screen was very nice, and those are major considerations for me. Having a slightly smaller selection, although is certainly a downer, is not really a big deal to me, as I have just about every console, handheld, and PC, and game selection is less important to me than the other factors.

This will also be a major consideration of mine when Vita launches. Currently, I have the feeling it's too big.
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