Steel Diver or Pilotwings Resort?

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User Info: BorttymL

6 years ago#11
I've had both since launch, and I love the heck out of both of them.

pilotwings is gorgeous, with a very deep use of 3d. the game has a medium difficulty to beat, with a very high difficulty level to flip 100%. it gave me hours of frustration/fun. there is a long collection mode of the game, which will probably be much easier now that there are thorough detailed walkthroughs out there. plus it has a great atmosphere and music being on wahu island or whatever the name is of the island that has been featured recently in all the first party wii ____ games (sports, play sports resort, etc)

Steel diver is completely different. very light subtle use of 3d, still pretty to look at but not complicated or particularly wowing, other than their soft natural background-ness. steel diver has a slower feel to it, but the difficulty ramps up to insane NES style difficulties to 100% and still fairly difficult to even "beat" there are a jillion collectibles to the game, between decals for your subs which give you power ups, as well as various medals for time aspects of the different (very varied) levels. the controls are all touch screen, and are unique and fun, but take a learning curve to get used to, and patience and foresight to master. the music is very engrossing, play with headphones for a really cool experience.

all in all they are both brilliant first party releases, and imho worthy of launch titles, it really boils down to which gameplay experience you're looking for, if you could get them both I would urge you to, as they are great pieces of my collection, and I enjoy them both equally although for different reasons.

hope this helps!

User Info: j2cc45

6 years ago#12
Krav, target has b1g1 half off and all 3ds are included so the game you can get half off you can get a better game than pilot wings or steel diver.
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User Info: iphys

6 years ago#13
I like Pilotwings Resort more than Steel Diver, and I think it's actually a relatively good game except for the lame music.
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