Nintendo released this too early

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User Info: Mewtwo_soul

6 years ago#11
SSJ4CHRIS posted...
Why don't you stop acting like the 3ds is perfect when it clearly isn't. I'm glad that even some of the ignorance of the fanboy crowd is finally starting to clear. The 3DS is nice for what it is, but what it isn't is perfect.

It's no different than the DS. Anti-fan boys who talk negatively about the 3DS sure do like to forget past events like the horrendous DS launch.

That isn't to say the 3DS is perfect that's more to say: "Keep ******** about the 3DS when you seem to forget how the DS launched"

Even funnier is the 3DS is ahead of the DS lineup and first year.
The day MML3 died was the day my faith and defense of Capcom's antics died.

User Info: the_cajun88

6 years ago#12
From: TheGoddamn | #006
Here's an idea: why don't you pretend the system hasn't launched yet, until games you want come out? Then buy one. And you'll be happier.


Wow, it's amazing how much sense that makes.
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