Why do people make such complaints.

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User Info: Mewtwo_soul

6 years ago#61
BraveAdol posted...
CorruptedRPG posted...
BraveAdol | Posted 7/24/2011 10:46:03 PM | message detail | quote
FFIII *shudders*

6 year old detected

I'm 6 years old because I think the DS version of FFIII is inferior to the original? Only an underaged user would make that remark.

The jobs are more balanced and the bosses actually put up a fight. Its literally objectively better than the Famicom version

Just to stick 2 cents in here:

Being objectively better doesn't mean they have to objectively like it better.


China is doing better financially than Africa. Therefore I must like China better. [Not an actual statement I'm making more a counter example of how it's not correct]


The N64 had better graphics/etc. So therefore it is better in regards to everyone's opinion of the Snes. Which also isn't true.
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User Info: Cloud20390

6 years ago#62
I'm bored, so I'll bite.

Mewtwo_soul posted...
I think most people just jumped the bandwagon without looking at the DS, but let's look at common complaints that make no sense:

1) "There are only ports on the 3DS"

There are three, and compared to the DS's and GBA's huge compilation of ports and updates how did people just expect something less?

Saying "but look at the DS" doesn't debunk something. Most of the people that say "there are only ports" mean that the only games they have interest in are ports. They're obviously not being literal.

2) "There are no games out right now"

There are way more than the DS's launch window for the first year. Which means 3DS>DS in not only the first year but current library. Without factoring in VC.

The no games thing is actually one of my current complaints, and it doesn't literally mean that there are no games out; it means there are no games out on the 3DS that I have interest in. Again, saying "but look at the DS's launch lineup" doesn't make the 3DS's any less crappy to me.

3)"They should have waited"

For what to go directly head to head with the Vita which thanks to the option of 3G is obviously going to be very popular among the general public (less informed consumers who will purchase n tech more than game library/etc.) and overall is just a bad decision to wait for such a release. Any leads in sales is a good thing for a company. That's business and considering how the DS was I don't see the major deal.

This is just speculation either way. They said "they should have waited" and you responded with "no they shouldn't have." There's no way you can factually prove anything either way.

4)"Games keep getting canceled."

For good reason...

Okay? Just because there are reasons the games were cancelled doesn't mean that people don't have the right to be upset. MML3 is the perfect example. That game was one of my main reasons for wanting a 3DS. I don't care why it was cancelled; the fact that it was is all that matters.

5) "It costs the same as the Vita cheaper option"

Which the DS initial launch did with the cheaper PSP model [at initial launch] (200$) where as the more advanced model costed 250 and in regards to the Vita the higher priced one being 300$. (3G) Let's face it with the PSP you still had to spend extra money (30$+) just for memory cards to be able to access the PSN and actually put any content on your system.

It's likely that it may happen again, so that 250 may end up 280 or more like 300$ in the long run while the 300$ version may end up around 350$. Not that it won't be worth the money, just the idea there won't be any extra charges seems unbelievable.

I don't really need to respond to this one. The initial statement was fact, and you just pulled some stuff out of your ass in response. Saying "but there might maybe possibly be things that make it cost more" is almost laughable.

Also, the standard PSPs at launch were packaged with small memory sticks, and, even if they hadn't been, a 32mb memory stick in 2005 was nowhere near $30+.

6) "Nintendo/3DS isn't perfect:"

Never said it was, but we should at least use some logic that this isn't out of place for Nintendo portables. If it were new to the DS or even the GBA then yes, Nintendo would be at fault, but with such basic knowledge... The bandwagon jumping consumer is at fault here.

So you're saying that because it's common for Nintendo launches to have problems, the consumer is wrong for complaining? Wow.
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