3D shots of beyond the labyrinth

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User Info: Minamo

6 years ago#11
lambchips posted...
enviroment looks great, im still waiting on the combat system though..
i hope its traditional turn based and NOT action

Tri-Ace isn't known for traditional turn based, thank god. If this was turn based I wouldn't touch it with a twenty-foot pole.
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User Info: GuessMyUserName

6 years ago#12
links to the .mpo files for 3DS browser viewing


User Info: TheGoddamn

6 years ago#13
Looks amazing. Thanks for hosting them, UserName.

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User Info: little_fat_boy

6 years ago#14

From: GuessMyUserName | #012
links to the .mpo files for 3DS browser viewing

cool, thanks.
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User Info: Sp8cemanSpiff

6 years ago#15
Not that it's a big surprise, but this looks nothing like the bull shots released earlier this year.
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User Info: SShredder565

6 years ago#16
Viewing them on the small screen of the 3DS makes a good bit of the jaggies go away. Those screens on there are definitely stretched past the size of the screen. But they still don't look quite as good. :(
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