Will Nintendo port Pokemon RBY/GSC games to the VC?

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User Info: JPSVR

6 years ago#11
Mewtwo_soul posted...
CorporateMinistry posted...
They could even sell all three versions (per generation) at 2.00 per game making all three games per gen 6.00 which would be a nice deal.

Pfft yeah, you know full well that's not gonna happen. Nintendo will blow them on the store at 7.20 each ATLEAST, no way are they gonna do 2 quid each purely because they know people are gonna spend 7 quid to play it again.p
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User Info: toma13

6 years ago#12
andylee999 posted...
Okihay posted...
I wonder if Missingno. would make an appearance...

...that would depend on the version, of course.

They could also release a translated Pocket Monsters Green.

They did. It's called Pokemon Red/Blue.

The original Red was different to what we know.

The English Red/Blue is the same as the Japanese Red/Green with the graphics of Blue. That's why the older Pokemon games have such weird looking graphics, like Koffing with a skull on top instead of the bottom, because Blue messed with the character designs somewhat. The Japanese version of Blue had different monster locations and stuff than our Blue and was the original "third version" Pokemon game. Yellow was actually a fourth one. They could release the Japanese Blue with Green graphics and call it Green, but it would be such a minor change that it would be fairly pointless.
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