How soon is this going to be cheaper?

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User Info: monsterlunchbox

6 years ago#1
I think its about time to lower the price by about $50 or $100. The lower the better!

User Info: little_fat_boy

6 years ago#2
possibility of a slight price cut ( $20 ) around the holidays but a more likely situation will be the system bundled with a game.
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User Info: Mr_Mew

6 years ago#3
There's no way for the system to be lowered that much when it hasn't even been out for a year yet.
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User Info: jfitz1982

6 years ago#4
rofl toke jopic
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User Info: legendarylemur

6 years ago#5
To give a serious answer, you'll most likely see a price drop if the 3DS doesn't sell well after the holiday season. So basically, if anything the price drop will come after next year.
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User Info: CorruptedRPG

6 years ago#6
March 2012.

During Black Friday and the holidays, retaillers will obviously bundle 3DS with shovelware or Zelda.
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User Info: pedrami91

6 years ago#7
....As soon as the Vita is released, they'll probably lower it by 50$.

My guess anyways.
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User Info: greensacs

6 years ago#8
This system is worth $250 and that's the bottom line.
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User Info: chickenturkey10

6 years ago#9
When Nintendo becomes a card company again.
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User Info: OmegaZero633

6 years ago#10
greensacs posted...
This system is worth $250 and that's the bottom line.

....I think you mean 'in your opinion.'
Unless you enjoy starting heated debates. :/

Imho, my 3DS was worth the cash. Others can feel free to disagree, though.
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  3. How soon is this going to be cheaper?

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