So what will the sony trolls do if 3ds beats vita?

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User Info: paradoxworld

6 years ago#21
I don't see why it matters which is better. Buy the one you like. End of story. I will have both. So in the end, I am the winner. Not Nintendo. Not Sony.
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User Info: Mewtwo_soul

6 years ago#22
GundamThree posted...
Starwars4J posted...
Same thing that they did when the DS beat down the PSP?

Which dimension did you come from? Do they have gross food dye there that isn't suppose to effect flavor but really does?

Sales figure wise it did. Sony states they didn't care about direct competition but considering at the start people thought the DS would fail and the PSP being the technological god it was would destroy the underdog. (David Vs. Goliath style except there is no God this time to help David) -Not making a religious statement in any way shape or form- However, unlike expected the DS still managed to bumb rush and obtain many publishers/coporations favor over the PSP. That doesn't mean the PSP in the end was a failure it was a success in many ways.
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User Info: gsdarkdawn

6 years ago#23
Topic title:
"So what will the sony trolls do if 3ds beats vita?"

Taurus910 posted...
i'll shove the vita up my a**

...You just admitted you're a sony troll >_>
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User Info: marsboy12345

6 years ago#24
beastwarking posted...
Taurus910 posted...
[***Just in case it does get modded***]

I am kind of surprised this didn't get modded.

If it does get modded, you will get modded for quoting it.
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User Info: Encephlon

6 years ago#25
fanboys suck in general. both sides
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User Info: marsboy12345

6 years ago#26
"LOL. I love mugging children."-Smokeybear18

User Info: lipnox88

6 years ago#27
I dont see the hate, If you want a great Portable console to play nintendo games on (nintendo games being the only ones I want to play on the go for the most part) then the 3ds is amazing,
If you want an itouch with ps3 graphics and controller aswell as a camera, microphone, and touch screen then the psp vita is for you.

I just dont see anyone else making Mario and Pokemon games on a portable console and honestly I think that is more then enough to capture a Minimum 30 million sales of the console regardless what the age above 10 thinks of the 3ds. Just wait til Mario kart 3ds comes out and every little boy and girl needs a copy under the tree.
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User Info: marsboy12345

6 years ago#28
^That is PURE BIAS.
The only thing you said about 3DS is Nintendo games, yet you name a bunch of points for the Vita.

1. Vita is NOT in HD.
2. Vita has the same camera as 3DS(0.3MP)
3. 3DS has a more accurate touch screen and doesn't require you to use your fingers and smear the screen.
"LOL. I love mugging children."-Smokeybear18

User Info: so64

6 years ago#29
The same thing they do every night TC, try and take over the world.
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User Info: BraveAdol

6 years ago#30
Like honestly, if you care about console wars past the age of like 6, you need to step back and re-evaluate your life
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