Since you all want remakes so much

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User Info: Soanevalcke6

6 years ago#1
How 'bout Nintendo Remakes Super Mario RPG? and not just a remastering like ocarina and starfox, a complete remake with a bunch of extras and polygonal 3D Graphics?

This is what I think should be remade before ANYTHING else, what do you guys think deserves a remake (not a remaster, a full remake)?
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User Info: darkqueenhelba

6 years ago#2
Ice Climbers and Gumshoe
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User Info: Yuwai

6 years ago#3
Subterrania and Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure

User Info: Tachikoma911

6 years ago#4
I just want Super Metroid or any Metroid game (besides the backwards compatible Metroid Pinball and Hunters) on the 3DS in some form.
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User Info: shinigami820

6 years ago#5
I'd buy it.
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User Info: LightHawKnight

6 years ago#6
Wont happen.
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User Info: monskey

6 years ago#7
I remember making this topic. It would make me so happy if they did...
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There is a 9/10 chance that this post speaks truth.

User Info: Wynters387

6 years ago#8
Great get a petition started and i'll be in!!!
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User Info: AdmiralLoknar

6 years ago#9
Petition for no more remakes and ports!

User Info: Carbuncle009

6 years ago#10
SMRPG is partially property of Square Enix. I realized Geno won't come to SSB4, so SMRPG won't come to 3DS. Besides, there's Paper Mario 4.
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