Question about the StreetPass game & puzzle pieces.

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User Info: N64Mario

6 years ago#1
Is there any other way to complete the Find Mii quest faster?
(NO, I don't mean the R button to speed up the animation, I mean as in completing the game)

I mean, my main concern is, if I ever tag, or StreetPass someone, how many times can I use them in quest? I am getting tired of hiring heroes only good enough for one attack. They never use their shields, which then they become completely pointless/useless.
If I can use the actual person I streetpass more than once, It would save me a lot of effort in trying to hire heroes. But if I can only use them once, that's going to be a problem.

Quite frankly, I find the whole game pointless if heroes can only attack once, then leave without even attempting to use their freaking shields.

Also, if I get a streetpass, and use him/her in Find Mii Quest, can I also able to get a puzzle piece from them? Or is it only one choice either to go through quest, or obtain a puzzle piece and that's it?

BTW, I have completed the Pikmin puzzle. Unfortunately I can't streetpass anyone to complete the others (I've eben taking my 3DS everywhere with me). So I guess I'm stuck with this one puzzle.

User Info: trizznilla

6 years ago#2
you can get a puzzle piece and a dungeon run from one streetpass. And all you're gonna get are hats from find mii, so if it takes awhile you're not missing out on much. If you're in a hurry, exploit the clock and walk a thousand steps. I'm actually kind of sad I'm out of things to use my coins on now. It used to be a daily gift, but now I just get a pokedex entry. :[
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User Info: Muljo Stpho

Muljo Stpho
6 years ago#3
Pokedex still hasn't been giving me anything new. I've turned spotpass off and on from within the program. I've turned spotpass / wireless settings in general off and on for the system itself. Pokedex is just stuck. I've been at 113 of them for the past several weeks.

Anyway... Yeah, a streetpass is good for both one puzzle piece and one turn in Find Mii.

Which puzzle you were started on with your first puzzle piece depended on what region you've got it set to, and you can only get a piece from a new puzzle from someone else. (So either they must be from another state or they must have picked one up from someone else.) Oh, and there are a total of 7 different puzzles to complete.

The only way any Mii (hired or streetpassed) will ever get more than one turn is if they are the one to finish off the enemy. The trick to Find Mii is figuring out how to make the best use of your lineup. You can skip a character's turn and they'll just go to the back of the line, so you can go through and pick out the best sequence of commands to give.

I like to take a full lineup of 10 into it at a time (hire some heroes to fill it out) and then I'll use the magic of a purple shirt Mii for the first turn if I have one. This will poison the enemies and they will take a point of damage after every Mii's turn. (So you can dish out 10 extra points of damage on them that you wouldn't have dished out otherwise.) Green shirts are good because they make the character after them one level higher. I always use the magic of a level 1 brown shirt in the hopes of getting anything level 2 for the random hero that replaces them. I forget the color but I think it's the pink shirts that give all heroes an extra attack. Light green can put enemies to sleep and the character that attacks the sleeping enemy will keep getting extra attacks until it wakes up. Light blue can freeze enemies and that will also give you a bunch of extra attacks until the enemy unfreezes. Some ghosts carry shields and a physical attack from a Mii of the same color will break the shield. Some ghosts (especially in the later areas) are armored and cannot be damaged by level 1 characters (except by magic). I have no idea what the purpose is of the yellow or black shirt spells (sandstorm and darkness). The white shirt spell is useless too (except for one specific room near the end).
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User Info: Korlithiel

6 years ago#4
N64Mario, you use the hero you get once in Find Mii. You have to Streetpass them again (available every 10 hours it seems) to use them again. They level up each time you Streetpass them, up to level 7 and so you can start to get some good mileage out of the people you pass regularly.

trizznilla, lucky you. I should be able to get a couple more Pokemon entry's but haven't been getting them for like 2 weeks. On the other hand I do have a few more puzzles to complete, and my second run through Find Mii. I really want to finish off my Pokedex, and start streetpassing people who have puzzle pieces I don't already have.
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