Need Friend Codes!

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User Info: vsman

6 years ago#11
disregard this topic. I don't really want to add anyone. I change my mind.
Goldeneye Fc: 2105-0897-4102 username: vsman
3ds Friend Code: 1504-5734-2341 Name:vsman

User Info: Shadowgamer00

6 years ago#12
playing resident evil the merch and have other games such as doa ssf4

fc: 2578-3110-3650 add me ( ripper )

User Info: Shadowgamer00

6 years ago#13
added everyone expect dragonimp it was invalid

User Info: Tony76339

6 years ago#14
Let me know if you added me!
Friend Code in Signature.
3DS Friend Code: 0087-2315-4515

User Info: Icuras08

6 years ago#15
I've added everyone here.


I'm looking for more friends though, I'm incredibly active, so make sure to add me.

User Info: kgood0521

6 years ago#16
Added all
XBL: KGdlux0521 / PSN: K_GooD_5 / 3DS: 2191-7651-4963
Now Playing: NCAA FB 12, LoZ: OoT 3D, ME2, inFAMOUS

User Info: EST30000

6 years ago#17
Ive added everyone on here and mine is in the sig ;)
Nintendo 3DS Friend Code:
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