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User Info: HawkOfEndymion

6 years ago#21
I can't comment on 3DS protectors, but my Hori screen protectors for my DS Lite are fantastic. They've stood up to a lot of abuse, were easy to apply (though the outside matter of dust always creeping in was an issue, went through several sets honestly), and do what they were intended to do - protect and provide easy usage. The surface of my touch screen's guard is beat to crap from all the usage, but you can only see that when you directly shine a light on it.

By the way, this means then I take it 3DS products are out? I'd need screen protectors and a plastic case with support hinges, like I have on my Lite. It made sure that my cracked joint held together by super glue isn't as bad as it could've been.

User Info: manobon

6 years ago#22
Starwars4J posted...
So I've used Hori, but unfortunately they got removed by Nintendo when I sent my 3DS in for repair recently (it had the imprinting issue). I was told the Hori-brand protectors were unlicensed, and that a licensed brand did exist. After a bit of quick research I found that to be the Power A brand. My question is what advantages does Hori have over Power A? Are the officially licensed screen protectors made at a lower quality?

What did they do to resolve the imprint issue? I'm starting to get that as well, and if I just have to purchase/apply something, I'd rather do that than ship it out.

Also, if I Have to ship it out- what was the total amount of time for the process (Shipping to, fixing, and receiving it back)?
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