Is Nintendo threatened by...?

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User Info: KouenZan

6 years ago#31
PedroMontana posted...
It has not much to do with the Vita. The 250$ price would always have been a mistake.

It just proves that Ninty can still sell overpriced products XD (alongside with Apple)
Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

User Info: BattaIion

6 years ago#32
I see Starwars is still fanboying pretty hard. No surprise there.

User Info: seb03

6 years ago#33
Of course they are. They messed up and thought the console could sell on the 3D alone.
Now they need to get as many sales as quickly as possible before the Vita launches. If the 3DS was selling as well as expected/more than the price would not go down so soon after launch.
"and when PS3 goes down you have to change your bank account and the locks on your door."
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