European eShop 28th July 2011

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User Info: Yojimbooh

6 years ago#1
3DS Ware:
Let's Golf! 3D (Nintendo), €6

Virtual Console:
Baseball (Nintendo), €3

Artillery: Knights vs. Orcs (Kritzelkratz 3000), €5 or 500 DSi Points
GO Series Portable Shrine Wars (Gamebridge), €2 or 200 DSi Points
Successfully Learning German Year 5 (Tivola), €5 or 500 DSi Points

Source: Eurogamer
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User Info: Shift Breaker

Shift Breaker
6 years ago#2
I'd be disappointed were it not for the whole "Free games" flood of topics we're getting today. - My RB3/GH:WoR songs.

User Info: gunstarz

6 years ago#3
Let's Golf! should be worth a look if it's as playable as the other iterations. Nice to see a third party 3D eShop game too. //
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