Did Nintendo just troll sony?

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User Info: bigbug1992

6 years ago#11
Console Wars Round 2? Sony vs. Nintendo. Taking all bets now.
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User Info: General_Dodanna

6 years ago#12

hey guys I was just reading this and welll.... Im now foaming at the mouth... because we'll get the NES games for free... and when they go live as paid content we'll get the updated versions for free........ *drools* (of course drooling also encouraged by Yoshi's Island, SMB3 and Metroid Fusion.. oh if we got Super Mario World too I think I wouldnt be the only one....)

User Info: SSJ4CHRIS

6 years ago#13
awaken375 posted...
another point is that playstation network was 'hacked' and suddenly 'returned to normal with free games' exactly when the 3ds eshop was supposed to be released. now that we're bored of ps3's free apology games, they mention this..

nintendo + eshop release date

sony + playstation hacked til release date

nintendo + new eshop release date

sony + free games at hack fix

nintendo + free games at price red

nintendo is definitely playing mind games

Nintendo was also hacked, even though the hackers turned out to be sissys about it and left it alone. So was Sega.
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User Info: Cave_Lion

6 years ago#14
Sony trolled themselves for making another portable and thinking they can do something on there.

Vita or NGP as it should be called would have been 250-300 regardless of What nintendo did. You honestly think if Nintendo launched at 199-169 launch Vita would have been lower? No. $250 they are already launching at a loss. Vita is worth in terms of actual components about $300+, 3DS is much lower. I'm amazed it took people until this sudden price drop to realise that. Nintendo fanboys were like "but the 3D technology they must sell it for 250!" Get out of here.

No? They trolled their customers. Not sure why it's gonna take so long for them to compensate Ambassadors (Sept. 1 for NES games, later for GBA?)

This and while fans think the 20+ games is great( it sure is for nintendo fans) i';m sure there are peopel out there who don't care for old easily emulated games. They've trolled 3DS consumers, maybe not Nintendo fans because in their eyes they are untrollable.

Also remember nintendo giving away "free" games doesn't hut them at all, it's games that already existed they are distributing digitally.

Nintendo trolled everyone but themselves. Bottom line

User Info: Blk_Mage_Ctype

6 years ago#15
Not really, they probably just thought, "Okay, party's over... We jacked up the price at launch because people were hyped for it, but sales have slowed down since then, and VITA is just around the corner, time to offer this puppy at a more reasonable price."

IIRC, it only costs Nintendo $103 per unit to manufacture a 3DS, so $250 was a HUGE markup. And come this holiday season Sony is going to launch the more powerful PS VITA, so Nintendo did the logical thing and dropped the price significantly because they could afford to do so, knowing that Sony couldn't match their price this time around.

So no, it wasn't a "troll"... They didn't do it just to piss off Sony, they did it because it was the smart thing to do. Sure, maybe afew of the more immature Nintendo executive had themselves a laugh over the fact that Sony can't compete now, but that's not the reason why they did it.
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User Info: youdonnome

6 years ago#16
About them getting hacked, there isn't much to get off of nintendo so its not a big deal

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User Info: KouenZan

6 years ago#17
Yeah I was trolled too, I guess Ninty can't please everyone. To be honest, I don't like the free NES/GBA games (3DS games may do lol)
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User Info: General_Dodanna

6 years ago#18
in all honestly if they gave us an even lower price point than 170 it'd be nice... but dont forget that Nintendo is still only gaming so they have to profit from it... meanwhile what does Sony have again? oh yeah.. Blu-ray, TVs, cell phones... while MS has all its software...

but yeah... old games are kind of eh ok.. but again to note that they are giving us the upgraded versions for free when the NES games we get go live is the extra icing... especially with the price points of the games... and I know I definitely wouldnt mind getting a free Nintendo 3DS title instead but eh at least they are doing something to make up for it this time... I was screwed back at the XL launch too... what was it again? a month or two til they started offering a free game with a new system?

User Info: wave1000

6 years ago#19
I made a thread like this last week but it was 3rd parties trolling nintendo to get them to make the 3Ds saying they are backing it then jumping ship to Vita. So really Nintendo got trolled thats why they are giving away EVERYTHING they could have sold at launch and got good money for. I guess the found out 3rd parties are jumping to Vita so they are in panic mode. I can understand price drop but Free games?????

Capcom is somewhere shaking there head.
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User Info: ZSABRE1

6 years ago#20
legendarylemur posted...
This is what I thought. It's actually almost like Nintendo set the Vita price for Sony

Sony's like damn, let's cut the Vita price point further...oh wait.
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