Was the 3DS priced at $250 just to see how long and how many people would buy it

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User Info: trenken

6 years ago#11
They were testing the market. They knew it was overpriced and had no games, they just wanted to see how many people would buy it at that price, hoping it would be a lot more than it was.

It didnt work out, so they went down the price they know is kind if near the limit of what people would pay for something that looks just like their existing DS's.
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User Info: darkqueenhelba

6 years ago#12
Yeah, I think so to. I don't wager them as fools when it comes to hardware at this point. They've been doing it for a long time. But, perhaps they wanted to see just where they stand these days. Given the boom of the smartphone.
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User Info: GameMaster14GM

6 years ago#13
nope. nintendo had every intention of pricing it as 250 as long as possible. the retail stores and possibly 3rd parties had to pressure them to lower it because keeping the device in their stores with no sales means no money, no 3ds sales means less people will buy the 3ds games that get put in their stores which means less 3ds game sales which means games would be cancelled/delayed/ or less 3rd party support to the system, and thats what nintendo needs now.

the price drop to 170 will mean nintendo is losing money on each system sold, even though it cost 100 or so to manufacture the thing, u have to take into account, shipping and development periods, promos, etc.

nintendo hopes this will now benefit in the long term of things because the software will make up for the price drop and if theres more people with 3ds's, then it certainly helps out 3rd parties in making games to ensure sales at least..
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User Info: FunkyKong84

6 years ago#14

It was pure arrogance on their part. They didn't even care putting a single first party game at launch. I also think they wanted to experiment with an unexpected strategy by releasing their console before Sony and depending on third party games for a good three months just to see how it goes.

User Info: fire2box

6 years ago#15
Baha05 posted...
I blame the smartphone markets to be honest.

I love how everyone thinks that everyone wants or needs a smartphone. For the best phones you have to pay a portion of the phone and then suffer trough 20+ dollars per month for two years just to get a measly 2 GB's of data to it. So most people end up using wifi along with everyone else that has a smart phone, laptop, tablet at the place.

Anyways I think Nintendo knew that a 249.99 [price point was really, really high for the amount of low tech in the system.

Couple that with
hardware design flaws,
cosmneticlly ugly ( looks like a sandwhich when closed)
looks pretty bulky
poor battery life.

All of these factors are why 249.99 was too high. Not to mention 40 dollar video games and no way to digitally buy them online. Which the PSP already has. It can't be any suprises why consumers din't buy into it and why publishers are now losing faith in the 3DS.

This price drop will get more people to buy it, but it also makes nintendo seem desperate. cutting 80 instead of 50 off.

User Info: darkqueenhelba

6 years ago#16
What do you think their plans are now for their 3DS services? In addition to the added VC, do you think they'll be serious about adding things like Youtube app or redesign of Nintendo Video? I was fine with $250, but I still felt it was a little high for a handheld.
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User Info: DT-Fox

6 years ago#17
Now that I think about it, I wouldn't exactly say it was a mistake. Any smart company would have a some worst case scenario pricing just in case the initial prices dont work out for whatever reason. I think Nintendo did have a price drop in mind. The question was WHEN to drop the price, how much to drop it by, and what to do if it was "too soon".

Nintendo probably didn't expect sales to be as "bad" as they are so soon, but they were prepared to take the hit and came up with something to compensate the early adopters when/if the time came. Whether the 20 free games part was initially part of the plan is anyone's guess...
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User Info: darkqueenhelba

6 years ago#18
Mmm...sounds like good reasoning.
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