How's Let's Golf 3D?

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User Info: MicroByter

5 years ago#11
If anyone posts impressions, can you please comment on the frame rate (maybe in 3D and with 3D off).

I bring this up because the DSIware version had pretty choppy animation and lower frame rates. I'm hoping those were smoothed out.
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User Info: Nekoakuma

5 years ago#12
Gavin_Rozee posted...
PokeMaster posted...
Is this the first 3DSware for NoE/NoA ?

It's on the Japan eShop and was trying to decide if I want this one or 3D soccer (or one of the other 3DSware stuff, but yeah)

Yes it is, unless you count 3D Classics as "3DSWare", which I don't.

Nah I don't count them. the Soccer 3D! has been out since the eShop started though
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