20 Free VC Games or......

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User Info: mcsmellington

6 years ago#11
I'd like them to spend their time and money on overhauling the online systems, friends list and e-shop, and to give a free mini game when they send out the update. Something like that 'Chase me' game on Wii U would be a great little freebie to try on a decent online set up. That'd make me very happy :p
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User Info: GiSS88

6 years ago#12
andodel posted...
We're getting 20 VC games for free? That sounds like a pretty good deal.

If you are complaining about that, then it's your own fault. By now you should know that early adopters get screwed. You made the decision to buy it, so live with it.

Being an early adopter and having to wait for quality titles is one thing. A price drop within the first 6 months is unheard of, which means Nintendo had their profit margins up so high on the system that they were laughing at customers. 20 free OLD games which you likely have already played is not proper compensation for being a loyal customer.
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User Info: lambchips

6 years ago#13
i hope 4 swords isnt included in the GBA lisiting as free game >_>
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User Info: Terotrous

6 years ago#14
Most games lose at least half their value in 6 months. They don't give you an extra half a game to compensate.

Things go down over time, that's just how it works. That the old customers are getting anything at all is fairly unheardof. Compare being a PSP Go supporter, where as an early adopter you not only pay more, but the free games go to the people who buy the system at the LOWER price.
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User Info: Ivilance

6 years ago#15
Improved bumpers for the sake of my poor screen
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