Does that count launch gamers?

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User Info: soulcalibur2

6 years ago#1
The free GBA/NES games does this count launch gamers that forked out $250! and when do these 20 free games go LIVE on Eshop? I want my 20 free games!!! OMG! YA!!!! Glad Nintendo dropped the price and is offering these deals. WOW! GB/GBC/NOW GBA gamers on VC!!! :-) and NES!
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User Info: HawkOfEndymion

6 years ago#2


Yes, essentially the whole point of the twenty games promotion is to make up the difference to everyone that bought a 3DS at $249 with their price drop announcement.

User Info: BdowDELL222

6 years ago#3
LMAO wow.

User Info: LordAndrew

6 years ago#4
It counts only people who bought it for $250 (or whatever discounted price you got it at pre-pricedrop). So yes.
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