C/D: You want Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green as the next GBA title for those who...

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User Info: the_cajun88

6 years ago#11

Don't even want them. I have Black and have no desire to play anything pre-Physical/Special split.
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User Info: BlackPhoenix127

6 years ago#12
Eh I'm in the middle.

I would prefer the original versions BUT the thing only says NES and GBA so I guess I'm going to go with C
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User Info: MageofBlood391

6 years ago#13
100%. It won't happen, if only because Nintendo has no plans to release the GBA games to non-Ambassadors and Pokemon will bring in a metric s***-ton of money, but I'd honestly buy a Wii U on launch day as a token of my thanks if they did that.

Having said all of that, I'd prefer to get Emerald even more.
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User Info: Terotrous

6 years ago#14
No way. FR / LG are among the worst pokemon games, and without wifi support there'd be absolutely no reason to play them.

If we have to get a third-gen pokemon, at least make it Emerald.
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User Info: redninjaviper

6 years ago#15

I have the gba cart

User Info: AxltheRed

6 years ago#16
I think id really rather have Emerald but Leafgreen/Firered would be pretty sweet
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User Info: CHOVI3

6 years ago#17
D I already own Leafgreen for the GBA. I'd rather have Pokemon Pinball GBA or a non Pokemon game.

User Info: SimpleStar010

6 years ago#18
How about Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?
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User Info: w00dm4n

6 years ago#19
i want pokemon red on the top screen and pokemon blue on the bottom screen

User Info: Shift Breaker

Shift Breaker
6 years ago#20
D. I adore those games, but without the ability to trade over Pokémon and fight it'll be a lot shorter. Make one solid 3DSWare title out of them, and it'll be grand.
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