Sign if you'd rather have the price cut than the free games.

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User Info: MyDogSkip

6 years ago#11

With Nintendo's eshop prices, the virtual console titles would have ended up costing me probably $100-150. After seeing what's included, I'm certain I would have bought at least $50 worth of them, assuming GBA games would cost $8-10. Plus I've had my 3DS for 4 months already and beaten two retail games on it. That's worth the last few dollars to make up for.
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User Info: Zacks_Fair

6 years ago#12
nikowwf, I want to hand you a cake.

Seriously, people are acting like this is the first time an electronic device had its price cut.

And on top of that, we get free stuff to compensate? Jeez people are spoiled these days.
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User Info: Akaimizu

6 years ago#13
I would, but I actually do want the free games they're releasing. A legal non-cart, memory stuffed update of about 20 updated classics in one handheld is a pretty decent deal, to me. Better than what Sony offered, so far.

PSPGo - To the US, absolutely nothing. Enjoy having to buy back the subset of your UMDs you already had.

PSN outage - A very small selection of previously-release games, for which you probably already bought them already.
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User Info: bretnsid

6 years ago#14
The $70 is not a choice though. I'm really glad my mind doesn't work in this negative complaining way the mind of so many video game fans seems to work. My TV, i paid $1000 for it. Like a month later i saw it on sale for $800. I said, oh too bad. BUT i wanted it at that time, so i realized there is nothing i could do.

Completely agree.
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User Info: Slaysme

6 years ago#15
Plucks bomb flower and throws at topic.
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  3. Sign if you'd rather have the price cut than the free games.

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