I like how as a bad counter to people being mad other peeps say,,,

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User Info: LuffypwnsNaruto

5 years ago#22
nikowwf posted...
I'm sorry, explain to me why any of you feel like a price cut neccesitated by low sales entitles you to some sort of refund? It doesn't. Don't be early adopters yet. Never buy a new product. Every ipod i ever bought when down in price within a year, at the same time it was replaced by a new, better model. If you buy a new car right away, 6 months later the price is lower. It gets even lower when the next models come. If you buy a new TV when it comes out, soon after it will be on sale when its not as new.

EVERYTHING works like this. The fact Nintento says SORRY, HERE'S SOME FREE STUFF doesn't mean they owe you a cash refund.

This x1000

Why won't Apple give me 10 free apps when I bought a iPhone 79g a month before they release iPhone 80g without me knowing or why won't Sony create a way to transfer my Birth By Sleep and JP imported PSP games onto the Vita? They don't have to and in the case of the 3DS price drop neither does Nintendo.

Also, if you were smart enough to do the math a $250 3DS with 20 free games and what might be the Nintendo equivalent of PSN+ is a lot more cheaper than a 3DS @ $170 and paying for these 20 games.

EDIT: What a mess I meant to hit edit but instead I hit quote....
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User Info: Tachikoma911

5 years ago#23
I like how the trollish names on this site seem to be the only ones who got ripped off. When you pay money for something, you are committing to it. There's no other excuse. You get what you pay for. You want to buy a brand new game system near launch and complain about the price? That's like buying food at mcdonald's and then expecting them to ship you a bowflex when you get fat. It's YOUR choice. If you bought it and now think it was a dumb choice because of an inevitable price drop (which happens to oh, every game console made), then it was your dumb decision, and Nintendo isn't to blame for any of your stupidity. They want to drop the price a little early? Last time I checked it was Nintendo's business and their handheld and they can do with it what they please. The entitlement that all these complainers have are just proof of bad parenting and spoiled brats
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User Info: Mattperd

5 years ago#24
Baha05 posted...
What I really do't get is the mentality behind complaits about VC titles

"Baww give us SNES/Gen/etc games Nintendo"

"We want more games in the eShop Nintendo"

"When are we getting GBA games Nintendo?"

Then when Nintendo offers one of the biggest compensation deals of 20 FREE games people on Gamefaqs thinks they are getting ripped off.

"The system is overpriced! Waaah!"

"I wish we got a few more free things for this expensive console..."

"Why not have more 3D Classics?"

"We need NES games on here!"

Are also things they just now fixed. And what happens? BAWWWWWWW!

They even said we'd get upgraded versions of the NES titles when they release the ones they're giving free to public.
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User Info: Baha05

5 years ago#25
It's BAWWWS Around the World Tour Presented by Gamefaqs! Crying about Free **** since 2011.

Hell i remember slightly back when consoles used to come bundles with just ONE game, now we get 20 free ones, and not cheap ass ones either, Metroid Fusion? Yoshi's Island? Legend of Zelda.? **** those games.

User Info: uwnim

5 years ago#26
I don't have most of those games. I love this.
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User Info: Tachikoma911

5 years ago#27
For older gamers who previously enjoyed these games, this should be a an amazing, free, nostalgic, fun event. For younger gamers who didn't play most of these games, they get to see what made Nintendo what it is today. For those of you who still can't find anything positive about early adopters getting a bunch of free games, I don't think you have a soul.
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  3. I like how as a bad counter to people being mad other peeps say,,,

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