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User Info: Fargo22

6 years ago#1
Have you ever thought about what would happen if the Nintendo 3DS and the PS Vita got together one night and... uh... you know... they um... had a good time (there we go!)? Then, let's just say the next day something verrrrry special happened... A NEW SYSTEM APPEARED!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, I think that if somehow the ideas for the 3DS and the Vita were combined, that would make for a killer system!

Just imagine...
Dual OLED Screens, w/ a Touch Screen and Touch Pad on the Bottom :P
High Def graphics (w/ 3D on top screen) :P
Gyroscope / Accelerometer / GPS Compass / WiFi or 3G :P
TWO 3D CAMERAS (One on the inside, one on the outside) :P
Two Analog Sticks + all the other usual buttons :P
... and the screens would at least be the size of the Vita's...

Wouldn't that just be AWESOME????????????????????? I mean, the perfect gaming handheld if you ask me! What more could anyone need?

Although, it would probably cost about $1000 right now... OH WELL...
And, it would be too expensive to even create right now, too.

I'll just brace for the possibility that it will never happen :'(

But, just think of the pure awesomeness that we would all be engulfed with if the ideas of the 3DS and Vita were somehow married together!

Maybe someday...
Repeat after me... "I LOVE GAMES FOR LIFE!!!"

User Info: OmegaZero633

6 years ago#2
The price would probably be dropped to 400 in 6 months. :b
My 3DS FC is 4854-6508-4956.
Let me know if you want to add me so I can add you. :)
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