Why Do You Buy Consoles At Launch?

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User Info: Raukue

6 years ago#21
Edouard_keroo posted...
RedHaste posted...
I'm curious to know why?
You can't really compare it to buying a new game because a new game has something to offer.

Yet you can compare vanilla game with goty edition, platinum drop prices...

Bethesda has just dropped by half the price of Brink and Hunted, those games aren't even 3 months old !

It is really things like that, that worry me. I mean how are we to know some games will price drop in such a short time? I got Dead Space 2 CE on launch and how 3-4 months later it priced dropped to $40, the regular edition anyway. Thing is, I haven't even played Dead Space 2 yet, so it was a bit premature of me.

But yeah really... I hate this... not knowing if a game is going to drop so soon in price. I want to get Saints Row 3 and Uncharted 3 but wonder if I should wait for a price drop... which might happen 3-4 months later, but don't really know. Then I can wait, no price drop, get it, then price drops 1-2 months later after that... bleh. I guess if I made money easy then I wouldn't have a problem but since money is tight well... yeah.
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User Info: CanadaTop

6 years ago#22
gamecube had melee very close to launch
xbox had halo
n64 had sm64

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User Info: Deimos259

6 years ago#23
Upgraded from DS Lite. Playing online with WPA security is so much more convenient
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User Info: LordAndrew

6 years ago#24
Because my DS Lite broke.

This is the only time it happened, so I don't have a more general answer.
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