Do you think the 3DS was Nintendo's biggest mistake since the Virtual Boy?

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User Info: MRW1215

6 years ago#61
Eh, topics like this are silly, because people always think in such extreme ways. It's like, if something isn't completely great and perfect, it gets compared to the absolute worst thing the company has done. So the 3DS isn't perfect, so what? That doesn't mean it's a colossal failure that's on the same level of the Virtual Boy. Sheesh.

The VB was just a bad idea all around. The technology just wasn't there to make it impressive at all. The 3DS was merely priced way too high, and is having a slow start. That's far from the "disaster" that so many people keep describing the 3DS situation as. It's not a "disaster" by any stretch of the imagination. Nintendo simply overestimated how much people would be willing to pay for a new device, and now they're rectifying that.

As far as the games go, I really don't think this is a big deal, because every launch that I remember has been fairly mediocre for software. With the DS, I remember having nothing to play but Mario 64 and Wario Ware for a long time. When I bought a PS3 on launch, it wasn't until a full year later that I finally found a good PS3 game I wanted to play. Those are just recent examples. I don't recall any consoles before that having "amazing" launches, either, though. It's pretty typical to not see the worthwhile games until 6-12 months into a console's life. I don't know why people are acting like there should have been multiple AAA titles at the 3DS's launch, and that we should've been seeing new top tier games released consistently since then. History has shown that consoles NEVER have that kind of software lineup so early in their lifespan. That's just not how it works. Why so many people expected the 3DS to buck that trend, I don't know.

User Info: pakathecat

6 years ago#62
I don't feel the system was a mistake. It is the game library, IMO, which is hurting it so much. I really believe if there were a bunch of good, original RPGs (look at the top ten games for the DS, been mostly RPGs for forever) that it would be doing much better. Of course, so many people hurting so much economically doesn't help matters. That will be a big issue for the Wii U, IMO.

The 3DS itself is pretty neat, no question I'd have one if there were enough games for it I wanted to justify the purchase.

User Info: GogglesFrog

6 years ago#63
Nintendo's made more and bigger mistakes aside from the virtual boy.
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User Info: jjp05c

6 years ago#64
I don't think some people realize what a colossal failure/mistake the Virtual Boy was. It wasn't a handheld and it wasn't a console. I don't know a single person who owned a Virtual Boy (and I owned a Lynx, Jaguar, and Game Gear). If the 3DS is considered a failure it will be in the same failure category that the Gamecube was (for those who consider the Gamecube a failure).
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User Info: kingdumbfarts

6 years ago#65
Vyers posted...
GameCube was a bigger mistake than 3DS. At least, so far. Nintendo could utterly fail with the Wii U and 3DS, and still not go bankrupt.

What was wrong with the Gamecube?
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User Info: Cave_Lion

6 years ago#66
No, Ocarina of Time was.

Because it spawned one of the most annoying fanbases ever.

Ignore them? Yeah Nintendo shouldn't make a classic because some guy spends too much time being trolled on the internet. Get out.

lol @ the guy who said gamecube was their biggest mistake. It made profit. Anything that makes profit isn't a mistake.

User Info: Spiffy247

6 years ago#67
The 3DS sold far more 3DS units a couple months than the virtual boy sold in its life.
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