I'm 100% content with 20 free games

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User Info: MarioLinkGenofa

6 years ago#1
Seems like it'd be worth 80$.

I'm content.
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User Info: ashockey

6 years ago#2
Me too.
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User Info: ao_bomber

6 years ago#3
Me too, I'm having a good laugh at the whiners and doomsayers.
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User Info: Dragongod165

6 years ago#4
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User Info: DarkHeroRaven

6 years ago#5
Yep. And where I live, it looks like the price difference will only be some £30 anyway!
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User Info: Sid3wind3r12

6 years ago#6
probably more than $80 seeing as some of the prices are quite steep, I bet the GBA games would be the most expensive of all the VC
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User Info: DoctorRPG

6 years ago#7
but you can get them all for free and save a ton of space on your 3DS.

Can you even delete stuff from your 3DS?

User Info: Spawngoat

6 years ago#8
I'm 20% content so far since I own around 8 of the 10 games.

Hopefully I get more joy out of the other 10.
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User Info: SoaringDive

6 years ago#9
but you can get them all for free

Yeah, and I could steal a Vita when it comes out too.
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User Info: Tachikoma911

6 years ago#10
I'm not because I'm a spoiled brat and my parents raised me to want more and more from everything all the time. These games are dumb, and everybody in the world has already played them. People shouldn't play twenty year old games because they're old. They might be fun, but jeez give me 3 3DS games instead! I bought the console so that Nintendo could give me free 3DS content, not this garbage Super Mario Bros. What are they thinking? I'm insulted that Nintendo is giving away 20 games. Shouldn't it be more like 35 games and a free massage? And why aren't these games completely re-built from the ground up for 3D? Nintendo are lazy! When the Vita comes out......sorry had to blow my nose....but when the Vita comes out, Sony will have so many more features and probably give us like 50 free games or something because everything they do gives me euphoria...
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