I'm 100% content with 20 free games

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User Info: CrapFactory

6 years ago#21
20 free games is pretty insane. I haven't even bought that many on the 3DS/DSi/Wii combined. I'm happy enough. I just hope the two I have bought don't count for nothing (Mario Land and Zelda).
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Final Fantasy2389 6 years ago#22
I too am content with 20 free games. Especially since most of the ones announced are ones I absolutely love and would love a portable version to since I play my handhelds more frequently than consoles. There's still 10 games to announce too.
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User Info: WoodenSword

6 years ago#23
I'm pretty content with it too. I look at it this way:

The cheapest Virtual Console 3DS titles right now are the relatively obscure GB ones for about $3. Most of the NES games announced so far are poplar games from Nintendo's franchises. They'd probably cost a bit more than $3.

It's hard to put a price on the GBA games since there haven't been any released yet, but it's safe to assume they'd be more expensive than anything else on the eShop currently - not to mention so far they're saying these won't be released to the public (adding additional value, although only time will tell if they stick to their guns on that).

In any case, if we're extremely generous on pricing and say they'd only be $3-4 each (unlikely), that's $60-80 value in games. I'm happy with that. I've owned most of those games in the past, but no longer; even if I did, they might not be in acceptable working condition (for example, games with battery backed up saving no longer holding a save). Combine that with portability, and it's good enough compensation, imo.
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