Nintendo's Arrogance and the 3DS

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User Info: popping4it

5 years ago#11
3D isnt a gimmick thats like saying better graphics are a gimmick. they increase immersion and make the game more engaging.
Still hoping for a Shenmue 3.

User Info: scrahfy

5 years ago#12
wave1000 posted...
Now that Smash bros game is looking like a no go seeing how long those take.

Im more suprised at these board that no one want to talk about the big issue and that iss because of the iphone/ android handheld gaming is in the state of being whipped out. All people are talking about is vita like vita is any diffrent from 3DS they will face the same problems because they don't have the popularity or user base of other mobile devices. We need to be talking about the real issue and not who the hell is going to win because at this point they both look like they are going to lose and that will be it for the handheld market sadly.

hey look...its nostradamus!!! lol

User Info: BurgerTime79

5 years ago#13
Everyone loves to throw out the the whole "The parts cost only $100." argument.

Look at what CDs cost to produce, and what we pay for them (don't even start)
Does anyone know what goes into the parts we buy to build our computers?
What do the raw materials for the parts cost on the average car?

Every company has to make a profit. It's ridiculous to fault a company based on that. Yes Sony was selling the PS3 at a loss, but that didn't matter to everyone.
Sony looses $300 on each system sold: The fans complain about the price, because $600 is too much for them.
Nintendo makes a $150 profit on every system sold: The fans complain about the price, because $250 is too much for them.
We need NO 3rd party characters in the upcoming Smash Bros!

User Info: Releven

5 years ago#14
I think there's alot of butthurt asses out there who feel "tricked" over the small sum of ...what? $80?? Here in JPN its 10,000 yen, which is alot more than $80.

I got a launch 3DS, and I would EASILY pay more than the 25,000 yen price ($300 to you guys) because it's the first portable, hell first console in about 10 years that has over 5 games that I love, and ALL of those came out in less than 6 months of it's release. More on the way too. Plus all the classics that I used to play on GB, and now GBC too... as well as famicon titles too. Not even Wii gave me that much. Ps3 sure as hell didn't.

Now the price has dropped, which is even better. Granted, yeah, it only costs about 10,000 yen to make, so a 15,000 yen profit may seem bad to others, but... well honestly I don't care as long as I enjoy it. The great part of the price drop is now it's accessable to everyone, which means bigger audiences and most games to play.

They didn't really need to do it, as 3DS has already taken out PSP by a large margin for 2 weeks now, but they did. Many "hardcore" gamers (that probably shouldn't be here anyway) will probably complain that this will bring in the kiddie audience. I say stuff it. Like it or not, that kiddie audience is what drives the market. Pokemon sells more than any other game. In addition to the kiddie market, it also allows curious casuals to buy it too. Again, you guys may have hated that with the DS generation, but it's also what put and keeps Nintendo on top. Some people will complain that Nintendo will stop making serious games, but they haven't and they won't. You guys just see one casual title and start to fear the end of Nintendo. Grow up.

Simply put, there is NO reason why a price cut is a bad thing for anyone. If you paid more, you still get $80 in games, and no one had to give that to you. Either way, people were complaining about a price cut and now that we get one, NOW people are complaining about it. Seriously the internet must make people stupider.
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